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​Directions and parking

*It is difficult to get there using maps or navigation.

Please read until the end.

Number of parking lots

Main  (BLUE AMALFI)...2 units

​Annex (MAJAMAJA)...1 car

Because it is a private road, the navigation system may show roads that are not registered or are difficult to follow.

​After coming to the nearest location using the method below, please come while looking at the image on this page.


384 Obe, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture


Sumiyoshi Shrine (Obe, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture)

*Please check the address as there is a shrine with the same name.


orGoogle Mapin

Blue Amalfi Shodoshima” or click below

You can come to the nearest one.

From there, please look here.

Directions map (1).jpg
Sumiyoshi Shrine
Tonosho Port area (east)
Obe Port area (west)
​Be careful. Do not fit!
​Road from Obe Port direction (west)
​Road from Tonosho Port direction (east)
This is the private road.
It is a narrow uphill slope, so if you have difficulty climbing up the hill by car, or if you are traveling with multiple vehicles, please turn left instead of entering the driveway and park your car at the red circle in the photo below.
I'm heading down the driveway.
​Please turn left without entering this house!
Main building (4).jpg
Main building
shared parking lot

Main building​Sites

​Photo from above
Main building (3).jpg
Only the parking lot is shared.
Main building
Please do not confuse the main building with the annex. The parking lot is shared, so please be considerate of each other when parking.
Thank you for watching until the end!
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